13 Best AI Tools for Developers 2024 → Coding Automation????

Have you ever wondered how developers can create so many amazing software applications and tools so quickly? The answer lies in the power of AI tools for developers. From advanced debugging and testing to natural language processing and machine learning, AI-powered tools have changed the way developers create and innovate.

With these tools, developers can automate repetitive tasks, optimize their code, and even predict how users will interact with their software. We will explore how these AI tools for developers are transforming the software development industry by making it faster, more efficient, and more innovative than ever before.

What is the Function of AI Tools in Software Development?

As technology continues to advance, more and more developers are beginning to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence tools in their software development projects. These AI tools for Developers can automate certain parts of the software development process. This automation allows developers to focus on more complex tasks while leaving mundane tasks to machines.

AI-powered solutions can reduce the amount of time needed to complete a project by providing real-time feedback on coding decisions. Additionally, these solutions can provide developers with insights into how their code works so they can make better decisions about how best to optimize it for improved performance and stability.

Finally, integrating an artificial intelligence system into the development workflow provides access to new datasets and analysis methods that would otherwise be unavailable due to cost or complexity constraints.

Quick Overview Of AI Tools for Developers

Here's a glance at the best AI Tools for Developers.

AI Tools for DevelopersPricing (Starting)Money Back GuaranteeRatings
Deepcode AI$52/contributing developer/monthNo RefundNA
Tabnine$12/user/month (billed annually)Refund Available (Condition Apply)4.1/5 (G2)
Amazon CodeGuru$10/month for the first 100K linesNA5/5 (G2)
GitHub Copilot$3.67/user/monthRefund Available (Condition Apply)4.5/5 (G2)
Scribe$23/user/monthRefund Available (Condition Apply)4.8/5 (G2)
Sourcegraph CodyCustom PlansRefund Available (Condition Apply)4.6/5 (G2)
Adrenaline AINANo Refund4.9/5 (Product Hunt)
Stepsize AI$19/user/monthRefund Available (Condition Apply)NA
Grit.ioCustom PlansRefund Available (Condition Apply)4.6/5 (G2)
What The Diff$19/monthRefund Available (Condition Apply)5/5 (Product Hunt)
Mintlify$120/month/project (billed annually)NA5/5 (Product Hunt)
Otter.ai$10/user/month (billed annually)No Refund4/5 (G2)
Flexclip$9.99/monthRefund Available (Condition Apply)NA

1. Deepcode AI


Deepcode AI is a powerful code analysis tool designed to help developers improve their code quality and security. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Deepcode AI detects code quality issues and provides intelligent code recommendations, helping developers build fast while staying secure. The tool is powered by Snyk's DeepCode AI, which is built and refined by top-tier researchers using training data from millions of open-source projects.

Deepcode AI Key Features

  • AI-powered code analysis.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Intelligent code recommendations.
  • Improved developer velocity.
  • Integration with IDEs like IntelliJ, PyCharm, and WebStorm.

Deepcode AI employs a unique process to create its knowledge base, combining symbolic and generative AI, machine learning methods, and the expertise of Snyk security researchers. This ensures a high level of accuracy without hallucinations.

The tool's models are also interpretable, meaning that humans can examine the model and introduce changes if needed. Deepcode AI's acquisition by Snyk has led to a focus on security, with the tool now powering a suite of tools that help identify security vulnerabilities in code, suggest fixes, and prioritize those fixes.

Advanced features include compiling third-party dependencies for open-source or container projects, a CLI tool that generates metadata and overall descriptions of vulnerabilities, and a compilation of the context of a vulnerability to help prioritize fixes.

Deepcode AI Pricing

Free, and paid plans start from $52 per contributing developer per month.

2. Tabnine


Tabnine is an AI tool for developers that increases productivity by providing whole-line and full-function code completions directly in the editors. It uses AI and a neural network to learn from a vast dataset of open-source code for accurate code completions even for complex situations.

This AI-driven approach saves time and allows developers to focus on solving business problems rather than searching for code examples or reading internal documentation.

Tabnine Key Features

  • Whole-line and full-function code completions.
  • Natural language to code translations.
  • Compatible with multiple programming languages.
  • Available for various IDEs, including Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, Jupyter Labs, and more.

Tabnine Chat, a code-centric chat application, allows developers to interact with Tabnine's AI models using natural language, providing a flexible and free-form way to get assistance. The tool can help developers understand and explain current code, proliferate knowledge, and ensure quality assurance and code consistency.

Tabnine Pricing:

Free and Paid plans start from $12 per user per month when billed annually.

3. Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru is an AI-powered tool that combines machine learning and automated reasoning to help software developers improve code quality and application performance.

It consists of two main components: Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler. It uses program analysis and machine learning models trained on millions of lines of code from Amazon's codebase and other sources.

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler collects runtime performance data from the live applications and provides recommendations that can help fine-tune the application performance. It uses machine learning algorithms to identify the most expensive lines of code and suggest ways to improve efficiency and remove CPU bottlenecks.

Amazon CodeGuru Key Features

  • Automated code review for Java, Python, and JavaScript code.
  • Detection of security vulnerabilities and provision of recommendations to improve code.
  • Integration with development environments and continuous integration and delivery.
  • Always-on profiling of applications in production.
  • Heap summary and understanding of application runtime behaviour.
  • Precise detection and suggested code fixes for certain vulnerabilities.

CodeGuru Security finds security vulnerabilities in Java, Python, and JavaScript code and provides recommendations to improve the code. It detects issues such as OWASP Top Ten, CWE Top 25, log injection, secrets, and secure use of AWS APIs and SDKs.

It also integrates with AWS Secrets Manager to use a secrets detector that finds unprotected secrets in the code.

Amazon CodeGuru Pricing

Free Tier for the first 90 days, up to 100K lines of code. After that, $10 per month for the first 100K lines of code and $30 for every additional 100K lines.

4. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer for software developers to write code.

Powered by OpenAI Codex, GitHub Copilot offers autocomplete-style suggestions as developers code, analyzing the context in the file being edited and related files to provide relevant suggestions within the text editor.

GitHub Copilot understands and generates code based on natural language prompts and comments, turning them into coding suggestions across dozens of languages. It helps developers save time by suggesting code snippets, functions, and even entire files that fit the context of their work.

GitHub Copilot Key Features

  • Context-aware suggestions.
  • Natural language understanding.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Integration with popular editors.

GitHub Copilot is useful for web developers as it helps them code faster, focus on business logic over boilerplate, and explore new APIs without having to tediously tailor a search.

It can suggest complete lines of code or entire functions by analyzing the code. It can assemble code from user comments and predict the code by just reading the function name declared.

This allows developers to cycle through alternative suggestions and manually edit the suggested code, autofill repetitive code, or create unit tests for their methods.

GitHub Copilot Pricing

Free, Paid plans from $3.67 per user per month.

5. Scribe

Scribe AI

Scribe is an AI-powered tool designed for developers to assist in writing code by providing intelligent code suggestions and automating repetitive coding tasks. It uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to understand user prompts and generate code snippets, enhancing the overall coding experience.

Scribe Key Features

  • AI-powered code completion.
  • Generate code snippets based on user prompts.
  • Review code, identify potential issues, and suggest improvements.

Scribe is not only limited to code completion, code generation, and code review. It also offers a range of other features that can enhance the workflow of developers. For instance, it can be used to create, manage, and maintain documentation, making it easier for developers to keep track of their work and share their knowledge with others.

Scribe can also be used to create directories, tutorials, and walkthroughs that provide insights into coding strategies and techniques for educational purposes.

Scribe Pricing

Free and Paid plans start from $23 per user per month.

6. Sourcegraph Cody

Sourcegraph Cody

Sourcegraph Cody is a powerful AI coding assistant designed to help developers write, understand, and fix code more efficiently. As a free and open-source tool, Cody is built on Sourcegraph's code graph, which provides context-aware answers and generates idiomatic code based on your specific codebase.

Cody can fetch context from your broader codebase and generate code that mirrors the patterns of your codebase.

Sourcegraph Cody Key Features

  • AI-generated autocomplete suggestions.
  • Code writing and fixing assistance.
  • Rich contextual information, such as documentation, examples, and usage patterns.
  • Integration with popular code editors, such as VS Code and JetBrains.

Cody's advanced search functionality allows developers to find references, definitions, and usages of symbols across the entire codebase. Cody can also read and understand your code, which means it can write documentation for you, such as generating docstrings for functions or classes.

Sourcegraph Cody Pricing

Free and custom plans are provided.

7. Adrenaline AI


Adrenaline AI is an AI tool for developers to understand any codebase with ease. Powered by AI, Adrenaline eliminates the need to crawl through extensive documentation, helping developers interact with a package or project as if they were talking to an expert.

Adrenaline AI shortens debugging time, enhances code accuracy, and boosts productivity. It pinpoints the root cause of errors, such as missing semicolons or incorrect syntax, and provides implementable solutions to fix the identified issues.

Adrenaline AI Key Features

  • AI-generated code.
  • AI Code optimization.
  • Error identification.
  • Solution provision.

Adrenaline AI is particularly useful for software developers seeking to save time and energy by quickly diagnosing and fixing code errors. The tool is available on GitHub, where users can view the source code and submit bug reports.

Adrenaline AI is powered by static analysis, vector search, and large language models. It can be used as a web application, allowing developers to plug in their broken code and error message, and then click “Debug”.

The tool sends the code and error message to the OpenAI Edit & Insert API, which proposes code changes that could resolve the error. The authors plan to improve the tool by adding client-side intelligence, creating a VSCode extension, and providing reasoning for how it fixed the error.

8. Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI is an AI-powered code review tool designed to help software developers improve code quality and ease the software development process. By analyzing codebases, identifying issues and bottlenecks, and providing actionable suggestions for improvement, Stepsize AI aims to enhance collaboration and productivity within product and engineering teams.

Stepsize AI deeply “remembers” what happens in a project and integrates with popular platforms like Slack, Jira, and GitHub, providing richly contextual summaries, actionable suggestions, and precise answers to pressing questions.

This level of integration and contextual understanding allows software developers to save time, minimize redundant meetings, streamline decision-making, and improve resource allocation.

Stepsize AI Key Features

  • Provides contextually rich insights and intelligent suggestions.
  • Cross-team collaboration.
  • Long-term memory.
  • Privacy Command Center.

Stepsize AI generates automatic updates and insights that drive actions when needed, and surface relevant information for every person and team. It assists users to ask questions to gain context and insights about any update.

It has been designed with privacy in mind, storing the minimum amount of third-party data needed to provide its service. Stepsize AI can also help in tracking and fixing technical debt, improving codebase health, and increasing engineering velocity.

Stepsize AI Pricing

Free, Paid plans start at $19 per user per month.

9. Grit.io


Grit.io is an AI tool for Developers to ease their coding process and boost productivity. By using the power of artificial intelligence, Grit.io assists developers in creating efficient and high-quality code, ultimately saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

This tool automates repetitive tasks and offers intelligent suggestions that help web developers focus on more complex and creative aspects of their work, leading to increased productivity and better overall results.

Grit.io has a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with popular development environments. The ability to adapt to individual developers' coding styles ensures that the tool's suggestions and assistance are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each developer.

Grit.io Key Features

  • Fully automated migrations and AI-assisted refactoring.
  • GritQL – an intuitive and powerful query language for manipulating code using static analysis.
  • AI-powered transformations.
  • Web interface for generating pull requests from automated end-to-end migrations.
  • Optional CLI offering local control.
  • Seamless integration with platforms like GitHub and VS Code.

Grit.io is useful for web developers as it automates the process of fixing technical debt in code, saving time and resources. It helps developers maintain and modernize outdated code, allowing them to focus on building new features and functionality.

The tool supports various code transformations, such as converting JavaScript to TypeScript, class components to functional components, and JavaScript to arrow functions. It also supports migrations from AngularJS to Angular.

By automating software maintenance, Grit.io helps developers spend more time on innovation and value creation, ultimately improving the overall quality and efficiency of their work.

Grit.io Pricing

Free in beta for up to 20 users. Connect with the sales team for the custom plan.

10. What The Diff

What the Diff

What The Diff is an AI-powered tool designed to assist software developers in the code review process by generating natural language summaries of code changes in pull requests. This innovative tool highlights semantic differences and provides insights into the context of the changes, making it easier for developers to understand and review the modifications.

What The Diff supports various programming languages and boasts a clean user interface, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for its users.

What The Diff Key Features

  • Automated pull request descriptions.
  • Instant code refactoring.
  • Fine-grained controls.
  • Reporting and notifications.

What The Diff offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with the existing development workflow. It helps improve the code review process and continuous integration.

What The Diff Pricing

A free plan with a limit of 25,000 tokens per month, and a Pro plan start at $19.00 per month.

11. Mintlify


Mintlify is an AI-powered documentation platform designed to automate the tedious task of creating software documentation for developers. It routinely scans for “stale” documentation and monitors user interaction to enhance readability.

It automatically generates accurate and comprehensive documentation using AI-driven natural language processing. This not only saves developers time but also ensures that their code is well-documented and easy to understand.

Mintlify Key Features

  • Beautiful out-of-the-box design.
  • Easy to maintain and update.
  • Optimized for user engagement.
  • Integration with GitHub for effortless source control.
  • Support for advanced features like API reference docs, analytics, and versioning.

Mintlify helps developers by rendering documentation from MDX files and configurations. The platform also supports API documentation, providing autogenerated and customizable docs for each API endpoint.

AI-powered features like Mintlify Chat enhance documentation discoverability through a conversational AI search experience, and AI Suggestions generate line-by-line recommendations to improve documentation content.

Mintlify Pricing

Free and Paid plans start from $120 per month per project when billed annually.

12. Otter.ai


Otter.ai is an AI-powered transcription tool that automatically transcribes voice meetings, webinars, and other conversations in real-time, syncing transcriptions with recordings and highlighting them at the speaker's pace. It is designed to enhance productivity and ease conversations, making it an essential tool for developers.

Otter.ai Key Features

  • Real-time transcription.
  • Clear timestamps.
  • Playback speed control.
  • Collaboration options.
  • Exporting formats.

Otter.ai supports speaker name identification to easily distinguish between different speakers in a conversation. Users can also edit text, speakers, and time codes within the transcriptions to ensure accuracy and clarity.

Otter.ai is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and web browsers, making it accessible to users across various devices.

Otter.ai Pricing

Free and paid plans start from $10 per user per month when billed annually.

13. Flexclip


Flexclip is an AI-powered video creation tool designed to help developers create engaging videos without the need for extensive video editing skills. Its user-friendly interface and extensive stock image and video library make it an ideal choice for developers looking to create professional-quality videos with ease.

Flexclip's combination of AI-powered text-to-speech and text-to-video conversion capabilities makes it easier for developers to create engaging videos without the need for advanced video editing skills.

Flexclip Key Features

  • Extensive stock image and video library.
  • Wide range of templates for various occasions.
  • Customizable elements, such as text, overlays, and widgets.
  • High-quality video exports.

Flexclip offers a variety of additional features to help developers create engaging videos. These include the ability to trim and merge videos, add music and voiceovers, adjust aspect ratios and video resolutions, and apply various transition effects.

The platform also offers a cloud storage feature to store videos, photos, and audio files for easy access from anywhere. Flexclip supports multiple video formats and resolutions, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.

Furthermore, the tool offers a team collaboration feature to work on a project simultaneously.

Flexclip Pricing

Free and paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

What are the Benefits of Using AI Tools for Developers?

AI Tools for Developers help to streamline and simplify the coding process, automate tasks, improve user experience, save time, and potentially reduce stress and cost. It can automate mundane tasks such as coding and designing to focus on more important aspects of web design.

AI code assistants can help developers write code faster and more accurately, generating code based on prompts or suggesting code for auto-completion as they write in real-time.

AI algorithms can analyze user behavior, preferences, and historical data to deliver personalized experiences, tailoring content, recommendations, and interfaces to individual users, creating a highly relevant and engaging experience.

AI tools can help developers avoid human errors in data analytics, data entry, and other tasks, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

What are the Shortcomings of Using AI Tools for Developers?

AI Tools for Developers have become increasingly popular in web development, offering numerous benefits. However, there are also several shortcomings that developers need to consider when using AI tools for web development.

One of the main limitations of AI tools is that they cannot create fully-fledged websites without human intervention. While they can automate various tasks and generate designs, they often struggle with more complex tasks and require human input to create complete websites.

Another issue with AI tools is that they can sometimes generate ambiguous information, which can lead to unexpected outcomes and require additional time for debugging and fixing. This can be particularly problematic when dealing with complex or nuanced tasks that require a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Outdated algorithms are another concern when using AI tools. They rely on existing data and algorithms, which may become outdated over time, limiting their ability to adapt to new trends and technologies.

Lastly, the use of AI tools in web development raises concerns about data privacy, as these tools may have the potential to extract sensitive information from users. This can lead to ethical and legal issues, particularly when dealing with personal or confidential data.

In A Nutshell

Overall, AI tools for Developers have transformed the development process with powerful capabilities that were once only available to the world's largest technology companies. These tools can help developers to work faster, more accurately, and with greater creativity, ultimately leading to better outcomes and a more innovative industry.

As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more advanced tools for developers. With the rise of AI in development, what do you think will be the biggest changes and challenges facing developers in the coming years? How will developers adapt to these changes and what new tools and techniques will they use to stay ahead of the game?