Pricing Plans 2024: How to try for Free? comes with two main pricing plans – One Price for All and the Pay As You Go Images with pricing ranging from $20 per month to $250 one-time payment.

It also comes with a Free plan so users can test out the service before sticking to any paid plans.


  • offers One Price for All and a Pay As You Go Images plan.
  • The pricing plan ranges from $20 per month to $250 Pay as you go.
  • The free trial offers 5,000 words.

How much does Cost? Pricing Plans offers a straightforward pricing plan including:

  • One Price for All
  • Pay As You Go Images plan

The One Price for All plan offers flexible subscription plans starting at $20 per month in which users can create up to 20 images per month. For Pay As You Go Images plan works based on the number of images you want to create. If you have a large team or looking for bulk image generation, this plan can be a great fit.

The pricing for the Pay As You Go Images Plan is given below:

Pay As You Go Images
Number of ImagesPrice

Discover the Incredible Offerings of the Plan!

If you are looking to subscribe to any of the pricing plans, you must check out what features you get. Here's a quick overview of “what the plan offers?”

Efficient Content Generation is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that generates original and creative content that matches your tone, style, and audience. It generates different content types including product descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, service pages, and more.

Website Copy Creation lets you generate engaging and converting website copies within minutes. It offers various templates and modules to help create compelling website copy within your brand's tone and voice. It integrates smoothly with WordPress and Google Chrome making it easy for the website owners and content creators.

Image and Illustration Generation

Create stunning illustrations and images for websites using the artificial intelligence-based image generation and search feature. The platform can create an image for you based on the keywords you provide or it can search for the perfect image from a library of CCO-licensed images.

Product Description Generation can generate high-converting product descriptions with tips and full text. This feature can be useful for ECommerce businesses to optimize and convert product descriptions from titles, specs, features, and more.

Blog Post Writing

The blog post writing feature helps you write blog posts in less time than usual. It uses Machine Learning (ML) technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to analyze what you wrote about in your previous posts resulting in providing relevant content. It generates complete blog post drafts on any topic allowing you to create more content faster.

SEO Optimization and Unlimited Word Count provides SEO-optimized content, titles, meta descriptions, and more to improve website traffic. The paid plans allow for generating up to 1 million words per month for all your content requirements.

How to Try for Free?

Step 1: Download the Bertha Plugin

First, you need to download the Bertha WordPress Plugin from the official WordPress plugins repository.

Step 2: Install and Activate the Plugin

After downloading the plugin, you need to install and activate it through your WordPress dashboard. 

Click on the WordPress dashboard and select Plugins -> Add New. Search for, find the plugin, and click on “Install Now”. Once the plugin is installed, click “Activate Plugin”.

Step 3: Create an Account

Once you've activated the plugin, you'll see a screen where you need to create an account. Start by filling in your details to create your account. Lastly, choose whether you are installing for your business or client.

Step 4: Choose the Type of Website and Watch the Introductory Video

Next, choose the type of website you are setting up for and click Next. This information will help Bertha understand how to help you the best.

Watch the short introductory video to get an overview of how works. This step is optional but recommended for new users.

Step 6: Fill in Your Business Details

Finally, you need to fill in your business details as will use this information to generate unique content ideas based on your brand and preferences. Click on “Save Changes” once you are done.

Step 7: Activate the Plugin

After saving your changes, click on the “Activate” button. will search for your license. If you have a license, you’ll see a message that can connect to it. If not, then you’ll see instructions on what to do. Click “Activate” again. is now ready to start helping you create content.

Step 8: Start Generating Content

Bertha will open a new post with a popup that gives you an animated demonstration. Click “Start Generating Content”. You can edit your settings anytime in the WordPress dashboard. Go to > Global Settings, Edit, and Save Changes.

Pros and Cons of Pricing Plans


  • Offers competitive pricing in the industry.
  • No restriction on the number of users.
  • The platform offers a free version.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Provides built-in tutorials.
  • Offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Provides SEO support.
  • Offers a pay-as-you-go option.


  • Limited to WordPress users.
  • Requires internet connection to work.
  • Pricing Affordability is a major concern for some users.
  • Content generated using may need tweaking and proofreading.


What is is an AI-powered content generation tool designed for WordPress users to help them create engaging and high-quality content.

How much does cost? offers a One Price for All plan at $20 per month which includes unlimited users, unlimited websites, 1,000,000 words per month, 20 image generations per month, and priority support. Apart from this, it also includes a Pay As You Go Images plan that offers different pricing based on the number of images you choose.

What features are included in's paid plans?'s paid plans include content generation, website copy creation, image and illustration generation, product description generation, and blog post writing.

What payment methods does accept? accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. Payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Over to You!

Overall, is a worth-spending AI-driven writing assistant that offers a unique blend of affordability and functionality.

Its simple pricing plans start from $20 per month and promote unlimited user access and website creation making it a cost-effective solution for content creation. It also comes with a free trial with a 5,000-word limit to help you get started.

However, the decision of onboarding to plans fully depends on your specific needs and preferences. Check out your needs, and budget, and once you are clear, give a Try!