15 Best Deepfake Telegram Bots of 2024 to Try Out AI Magic

Have you ever wondered how to create realistic deepfake videos and images right from your Telegram messenger? With the rise of AI-powered deepfake technology, it's now easier than ever to generate synthetic media that looks stunningly real.

Whether you want to swap faces in videos, animate photos, or create entirely fictional personas, the Deepfake Telegram bots can help unleash your creativity.

In this article, we've rounded up 15 of the most powerful and user-friendly Telegram Deepfake Bots available in 2024.

Without any further adieu, let's get started!

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a sophisticated technology that uses artificial intelligence to create realistic manipulations of media content such as images and videos. This AI-driven technique can generate convincing forgeries often used to superimpose individuals' faces onto other bodies or alter their appearances in misleading ways. Deepfake has been employed in various contexts from entertainment to malicious activities like non-consensual pornography and disinformation campaigns.


One concerning application of deepfake technology involves Telegram bots which have been used to generate non-consensual explicit images of individuals, primarily targeting women. These deepfake Telegram bots can automate the creation of such abusive content making it easily accessible to users and intensifying the issue.

Top Deepfake Telegram Bots 2024

Top Deepfake Telegram BotsRatings
DeepFake Web3.9/5
Nubee AI4.1/5
PornX AI3.7/5

#1 Undress.cc


Undress.cc is a popular deepfake Telegram bot that uses advanced AI technology for diverse image manipulation and clothing alteration options. This web-based AI tool offers the unique capability to undress images using advanced AI models providing users with a seamless and engaging experience. The platform is accessible via the Telegram messaging app making it easy for users to interact with the bot and generate fake nude images from regular photos.

Undress.cc Key Features

  • Realistic Image Generation: The bot employs state-of-the-art deep learning techniques such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) to produce highly realistic nude images from regular photos.
  • Customization Options: Users can choose body types, ages, and other parameters to achieve the most realistic results allowing for a more personalized experience.
  • Fast Processing: Undress.cc uses efficient algorithms to quickly generate deepfake images, ensuring users can enjoy their creations in seconds.
  • High-Quality Output: The platform focuses on delivering high-quality images ensuring that the generated deepfakes are visually appealing and convincing.
  • Accessibility: As a Telegram-based bot, Undress.cc is easily accessible to users providing a convenient way to explore the capabilities of deepfake technology.

#2 Undress.vip


Undress.vip is a leading AI-powered Telegram bot that uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to digitally remove clothing from user-uploaded photos. This advanced service allows users to explore the world of deepfake technology by generating realistic nude images with just a few clicks.

With its powerful AI capabilities and simple Telegram integration, users can experiment with creating custom nude images in a matter of seconds, all while enjoying the convenience and privacy offered by the platform.

Undress.vip Key Features

  • AI-powered clothing removal: Users can upload any photo and the bot will quickly and accurately remove the clothes using advanced deep learning algorithms.
  • Multiple personalized stripping styles: Undress.vip offers over 15 different undressing styles that users can choose from to customize the generated nude images.
  • Telegram bot integration: The Undress AI service is conveniently accessible through a Telegram bot called @Undress Bot. Users can subscribe to the bot to use its features directly in the Telegram app.
  • Combines clothing removal and graphic design: The AI algorithms are able to realistically remove clothing while also providing some graphic design capabilities to enhance the generated nude images.
  • Immersive AI experience: Undress.vip aims to provide an engaging, user-friendly interface for interacting with powerful undressing AI technology.

#3 DeepSwap


DeepSwap, an innovative AI-powered Telegram bot uses simple face-swapping capabilities for videos, photos, and GIFs. This platform uses the power of artificial intelligence to enable users to create realistic and high-quality face swaps effortlessly making it the go-to tool for content creators, social media influencers, and anyone looking to explore the creative potential of deepfake technology.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful editing capabilities, DeepSwap is making deepfake technology accessible to users at all skill levels. By using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning techniques, DeepSwap is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with face-swapping technology. Its ability to recreate facial characteristics down to the minutest details results in astonishingly realistic deepfakes that are sure to impress audiences across various platforms.

DeepSwap Key Features

  • Seamless Face Swapping: DeepSwap excels at realistically swapping faces across multiple media formats including videos, photos, and GIFs. Its advanced AI algorithms can swap up to 6 faces in the same clip.
  • Movie Role-play Video Generator: Users can swap their own faces with famous movie characters to create shockingly realistic role-play videos.
  • One-Sec Face Swap Photo Editor: DeepSwap enables users to quickly generate compelling face swap photos such as refaced ID photos, wedding photos, travel photos, and more.
  • Meme and GIF Maker: The bot allows users to create trending memes and GIFs featuring their own faces or others' faces.
  • AI Girl Generator: DeepSwap can create unique real or anime-style female portraits based on user prompts and reference images with customization options for looks, clothing, pose, etc.
  • Face Enhancement Tools: Users can improve the resolution, lighting, and details of portrait photos.

#4 DeepFakes Web

DeepFakes Web

DeepFakes Web is an innovative deepfake Telegram bot that uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic fake videos and images. This powerful AI bot brings the mind-bending technology of deepfakes to the popular Telegram messaging platform. With DeepFakes Web, users can experience the magic of seeing faces swapped into videos and photos with just a few taps in their Telegram app.

By putting the power of deepfakes into an accessible Telegram bot interface, DeepFakes Web opens up a new world of creative and engaging synthetic media experiences. It represents the latest evolution of deepfake apps, bots, and tools that are making this AI technology increasingly accessible to mainstream audiences.

DeepFakes Web Key Features

  • Cloud-Based Deepfake Creation: DeepFakes Web is a cloud-based tool that allows users to create deepfake videos by swapping faces using artificial intelligence.
  • Ability to Reuse Trained Models: DeepFakes Web allows users to reuse their trained models for improving or creating new videos.
  • Easy Video and Image Upload: The Telegram bot interface allows for simple and quick uploads of source and target videos or images.
  • Advanced AI Technology: DeepFakes Web uses advanced AI technology to create realistic deepfake videos. This ensures high-quality results and enables users to create convincing deepfakes for various purposes, such as entertainment, satire, or cultural projects.

#5 SnapDress


SnapDress is another leading AI Telegram chatbot that uses advanced deepfake technology to digitally alter images. This deepnude bot allows users to recreate outfit ideas and selected styles for their portrait photos providing a unique and creative experience. The platform stands out for its high-quality models, infinite prompt options, and intuitive user interface that simplifies the creative process.

Some of the top features of SnapDress include its ability to generate realistic deepfake images quickly, and its accessibility through the Telegram platform. The powerful AI algorithms behind SnapDress enable highly specific image transformations and clothing removal. As one of the leading deepfake bots, SnapDress showcases the fascinating capabilities of AI and deep learning technology while also highlighting important considerations around the responsible use of such tools.

SnapDress Key Features

  • Cloud-Based Deepfake Creation: DeepFakes Web is an online deepfake software that operates entirely in the cloud. Users simply need to upload their videos and click a button, and the app handles the rest.
  • Reusable Trained Models: With DeepFakes Web, users can reuse their trained AI models.
  • Visible Watermarks and Traces: Every deepfake video generated using the DeepFakes Web tool includes a clear and visible watermark indicating that it is a deepfake. The app also intentionally leaves traces of manipulation in the video data making it easy to identify as a fake.

#6 Nudify.online


Nudify.online has emerged as one of the most popular and controversial deepfake Telegram bots. This AI-powered bot uses advanced deepfake technology to generate realistic nude images from ordinary clothed photographs of individuals. The bot leverages deep learning algorithms and generative adversarial networks (GANs) to seamlessly remove clothing and synthesize nudity in a highly realistic manner.

While the creators market it as an innocuous tool for entertainment, critics argue that deepfake nudity technology facilitates online harassment and revenge porn. The bot has been accused of violating consent by stripping individuals' clothing digitally without permission. Nonetheless, it has amassed over 100,000 users, primarily from Russia and former Soviet nations.

Nudify.online Key Features

  • Advanced AI Algorithms: Nudify.online utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate realistic fake nude images from regular photos. The AI-powered bot leverages advanced neural networks and machine learning models to create convincing deepfake nudes.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize various parameters when generating deepfake nudes, such as specifying the desired age, body type, and image quality. These customization options enable users to fine-tune the generated images according to their preferences for more personalized results.
  • Fast Processing Speeds: The bot leverages optimized algorithms and powerful computing resources to generate deepfake nudes quickly. Users can expect swift processing times, allowing them to create and share fake nude images within minutes.

#7 DeepNudeNow


DeepNudeNow is a top-notch deepfake Telegram bot that is transforming the way users interact with AI technology to generate realistic nude images from photos of clothed individuals. Using an advanced AI algorithm, DeepNudeNow offers a seamless and quick process ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality for its users.

This tool transforms photos of clothed women into nudes, emphasizing user privacy by not saving uploaded-on-processed images. The platform’s original AI algorithm is well-known for its efficiency and realism which is the driving force behind its success. With its user-friendly interface and a commitment to data protection, DeepNudeNow offers a smooth user experience.

DeepNudeNow Key Features

  • Realistic Nude Image Generation: DeepNudeNow utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate strikingly realistic nude images from regular clothed photos. The bot's deep learning models have been trained to understand and replicate the appearance of nudity in a convincing manner. 
  • Automated and Effortless Process: With DeepNudeNow, generating nude deepfakes is an automated and effortless process. Users simply need to provide a clothed image, and the bot's AI algorithms handle the rest, outputting a realistic nude version within seconds.
  • Focused on Images of Women: It's important to note that DeepNudeNow's capabilities are currently limited to generating nude images of women from clothed photos. While this may be seen as a limitation by some users, it aligns with the bot's specific purpose and target audience.

#8 X-Pictures


X-Pictures is a deepfake Telegram bot that generates hyper-realistic AI-generated adult content. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, X-Pictures can create custom pornographic images featuring your favorite celebrities or original characters.

Simply send the bot a description or reference photo, and it will produce high-quality, photorealistic deepfake porn customized to your preferences. With fast generation speeds and an intuitive interface, the tool makes it easy to explore your deepest fantasies securely and discreetly via Telegram.

X-Pictures Key Features

  • Realistic AI-Generated Content: X-Pictures uses advanced machine learning algorithms to create highly realistic, photorealistic deepfake porn images. The AI can generate convincing nude photos featuring celebrities or custom characters based on user preferences.
  • Intuitive Telegram Bot Interface: The bot offers an easy-to-use interface directly within Telegram. Users can submit photos, customize settings, and generate deepfake images quickly and conveniently through chat-based commands.
  • Fast Generation Speeds: X-Pictures boasts impressive generation speeds, allowing users to create custom deepfake porn rapidly. The optimized algorithms and server infrastructure enable the bot to produce high-quality results efficiently.

#9 Nudify.vip


Nudify.vip stands out as a pioneering Deepfake Telegram Bot using advanced AI technology to transform images with unparalleled realism. This AI-powered platform offers users an immersive experience allowing for the creation of highly realistic fake nudes with just a few clicks.

The platform offers an AI undress generator on its website and an advanced Telegram bot for users to subscribe to making it accessible and convenient for users to create deepfake images. By prioritizing user experience and offering high-quality image generation, Nudify.vip stands out as a top choice for those seeking to experiment with deepfake technology.

Nudify.vip Key Features

  • AI-Powered Clothing Removal: Nudify.vip leverages advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to digitally remove clothing from images. The AI models are trained on vast datasets to accurately detect and remove various types of clothing while preserving the subject's body and skin details.
  • Realistic Image Generation: The deepfake technology used by Nudify.vip generates highly realistic nude images that closely resemble the original subject. The AI is capable of maintaining facial features, skin tone, and body proportions to create convincing deepfakes.
  • Telegram Bot Integration: Nudify.vip operates primarily through a Telegram bot, providing users with a convenient and accessible way to use the service. Users can easily interact with the bot by sending images and receiving the generated deepfakes directly within the Telegram app.

#10 Nubee AI


Nubee AI emerges as a popular Telegram bot transforming the world of digital imagery with its advanced deepfake technology. The tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform ordinary photos into captivating, high-quality deepfakes offering users a seamless and dynamic experience.

With Nubee AI, creativity knows no bounds. Whether for entertainment or artistic expression, Nubee AI stands out as a leader in AI-driven image enhancement setting new standards among other deepfake telegram bots in the league.

Nubee AI Key Features

  • Advanced AI Technology: Nubee AI utilizes intelligent analysis to identify areas needing improvement and adaptive enhancements ensuring high-quality deepfake images.
  • Preservation of Originality: Enhancements are made while retaining the image’s original feel ensuring that the deepfake images remain authentic and true to the source.
  • Easy Image Upload and Enhancement: Nubee AI allows users to easily upload images and choose specific enhancements providing a seamless user experience.
  • Multiple Image Variants: For each attempt, Nubee AI generates two image variants providing users with options to choose the better result. This feature enhances the user experience by offering a selection of high-quality deepfake images.
  • Swift Image Generation: Nubee AI generates NSFW AI art swiftly with an initial test run producing an image in just 16 seconds. This efficiency sets Nubee apart from other deepfake Telegram bots making it a top choice for users seeking quick results.

#11 PornX AI

PornX AI

PornX AI stands out across other deepfakes changing the whole creation of adult content. With its advanced AI algorithms and deep learning capabilities, PornX AI offers users the unparalleled ability to generate hyper-realistic images, pushing the boundaries of digital fantasies.

PornX AI's intuitive interface and lightning-fast processing make it the go-to choice for those seeking an immersive and thrilling adult entertainment experience, all from the convenience of their Telegram app.

PornX AI Key Features

  • Advanced AI Algorithms: PornX AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate high-quality, realistic adult images. The bot's deep learning capabilities allow it to create personalized visuals based on user input such as text prompts or uploaded photos.
  • Lightning-Fast Processing: PornX AI's fast processing speeds allow users to receive their customized adult visuals in just seconds. This makes it the perfect choice for those seeking a quick and seamless adult entertainment experience.
  • Convenient Access: As a Telegram bot, PornX AI can be accessed directly from the Telegram app. This allows users to enjoy their adult entertainment from the convenience of their own devices without the need to download any additional software.
  • Personalized Experience: PornX AI offers a truly personalized adult entertainment experience. By allowing users to input their own preferences and fantasies, the bot creates visuals that are tailored to each individual's unique desires.

#12 Nudeitnow.com


Nudeitnow.com emerges as a groundbreaking AI platform revolutionizing the realm of digital creativity by offering users the unparalleled ability to generate realistic undressed models from photos. This advanced service leverages advanced artificial intelligence to transform the art of photo manipulation enabling a seamless and innovative experience in generating AI models. With its state-of-the-art technology, Nudeitnow.com serves a wide array of artistic and design projects, setting a new standard in the digital transformation of images.

Nudeitnow.com Key Features

  • AI-driven Image Manipulation: The bot employs advanced artificial intelligence specifically generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create realistic nude images from clothed photos.
  • Community and Engagement: The bot is connected to several Telegram channels with a combined total of over 100,000 members, fostering a community around the creation and sharing of AI-generated images. These channels serve various functions including technical support and image sharing, and even feature interfaces for users to post and judge their creations.
  • Gamification of Harassment: The bot's community employs a gamification aspect where users earn rewards based on the popularity of their AI-generated images.

#13 ClothOff.io


ClothOff.io has grown as a popular choice among deepfake platforms revolutionizing the way users interact with digital content to virtually undress photos using the Telegram bot. With its advanced AI technology, it offers an unparalleled experience allowing users to effortlessly “undress” photos with a simple upload.

What sets ClothOff.io apart is its ability to handle a variety of poses and clothing types. Whether it's a full-body shot or a close-up portrait, the bot can intelligently detect and remove garments while preserving the subject's natural appearance. The Clothoff.io bot's intuitive interface and lightning-fast processing have propelled it to viral popularity.

ClothOff.io Key Features

  • AI-Powered Deepfake Technology: Clothoff.io is a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create realistic deepfake images. Its core functionality revolves around an advanced neural network capable of seamlessly removing clothing from photos generating stunningly lifelike nude depictions.
  • High-Resolution Output Options: To cater to diverse user preferences, Clothoff.io provides three distinct image resolution options: Standard, High Definition (HD), and 3D Art. The Standard option delivers basic undressed images while the HD option generates results in crisp 1080p resolution.
  • Customization and Personalization: Clothoff.io goes beyond simply removing clothing from images. It offers a range of customization tools that allow users to tweak and personalize the generated results according to their preferences.
  • Gallery and Revisiting Previous Work: Clothoff.io maintains a gallery feature that stores previously processed images allowing users to revisit and potentially refine their earlier creations. This functionality promotes a seamless workflow and encourages experimentation without the fear of losing previous work.

#14 BraUndress


BraUndress is an advanced AI-driven platform that transforms ordinary photographs into pretty impressive deepfake visuals with astonishing realism. Using AI technology, BraUndress serves those seeking to explore the boundaries of photo manipulation.

BraUndress's unique capabilities allow users to effortlessly generate custom fake nudes or pornographic content setting a new standard in the AI-driven entertainment industry. With BraUndress, the power of next-generation deepfake creation is at your fingertips promising an engaging and innovative way to unleash your creativity.

BraUndress Key Features

  • Realistic Deepfake Creation: Uses advanced AI technology, it transforms ordinary photographs into stunningly realistic deepfake visuals serving those seeking to explore the boundaries of photo manipulation.
  • Seamless Undressing: One of BraUndress's standout features is its ability to smoothly undress individuals in photographs. With a simple command, users can generate custom fake nudes or pornographic content pushing the limits of AI-driven entertainment.
  • Diverse Transformation Options: Beyond undressing, BraUndress empowers users with a wide range of transformation options. Users can experiment with various outfits, poses, and scenarios, unleashing their creativity in crafting unique deepfake visuals.
  • High-Quality Results: Using state-of-the-art deep learning models, BraUndress delivers exceptionally realistic and high-quality deepfake results. The platform's advanced algorithms ensure that the generated visuals are virtually indistinguishable from authentic photographs.

#15 Facemagic


FaceMagic is a popular Telegram bot that specializes in creating realistic deepfake face swaps. With its advanced deep learning algorithms, FaceMagic delivers near-perfect face-swapping results blurring the lines between reality and digital fantasy.

FaceMagic is capable of generating short deepfake videos with ease. It lets users upload their own videos, set the necessary options, and receive a new video with the desired face swap or animation. This bot serves those who appreciate the finer details and subtle nuances that make a digital persona indistinguishable from a living, breathing individual.

FaceMagic Key Features

  • Realistic Face Swaps: FaceMagic specializes in creating face swaps so convincing that they challenge the boundaries of reality. The bot's AI models are trained to capture the intricate details of facial features, expressions, and lighting conditions resulting in seamless and lifelike transformations.
  • Multiple Face Swapping: Unlike some bots that can only swap a single face, FaceMagic allows you to swap multiple faces in a single image opening up a world of creative possibilities.
  • High-Quality Results: FaceMagic prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring that every face swap it produces is of the highest caliber with crisp details and natural-looking textures.
  • Realistic Suggestions: FaceMagic takes the guesswork out of face swapping by offering fun and realistic face swap suggestions. Users can browse through a curated selection of face swap ideas ensuring that their creations are not only entertaining but also visually compelling.

How to Use Deepfake Telegram Bots Responsibly?

Deepfake Telegram Bots - Tips
  • Know Hows of the Technology: Before using deepfake Telegram bots, users must familiarize themselves with the technology and its capabilities. Deepfake technology uses advanced AI algorithms to manipulate or generate visual and audio content making it difficult to distinguish between real and fake media.
  • Check Bot Authenticity: Verify the legitimacy of the Telegram bot. Users should ensure they are interacting with a genuine bot by checking its reviews, ratings, and the credibility of the developer.
  • Be Aware of Legal Implications: Recognize the legal consequences. Creating or sharing deepfake content, especially without consent can have serious legal implications, including privacy violations and potential criminal charges.
  • Promote Ethical Usage: Encourage responsible use of deepfakes. Users should advocate for the ethical application of deepfake technology such as for creative or educational purposes, rather than for deception or harm.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with developments in deepfake detection. As technology evolves, so do methods for detecting deepfakes. Users should stay informed about new tools and techniques to identify fake content.
  • Educate Others: Raise awareness about the risks of deepfakes. Users can help mitigate the spread of harmful deepfake content by educating friends, family, and online communities about the potential dangers and responsible practices.

FAQs Related to Deepfake Telegram Bots

How do Deepfake Bots on Telegram work?

Users interact with these bots by providing photos, and the bots use machine learning algorithms to create deepfakes which are then shared within the app or on other platforms.

Are Telegram Deepfake Bots Legal?

While the technology itself is not illegal using deepfake bots to create and distribute non-consensual imagery or for fraudulent purposes is against the law in many jurisdictions.

Can Deepfake Telegram bots affect Personal Privacy?

Yes, deepfake bots can significantly invade personal privacy by creating and distributing images or videos without consent, potentially leading to blackmail, cyberbullying, and reputational damage.

What is being done to Combat Deepfake Bots on Telegram?

Researchers and cybersecurity experts are working on detection tools, Telegram is under pressure to take action against these bots, and some countries are investigating or have restricted access to these bots.

How can I Protect myself from being targeted by a Deepfake Bot?

Be cautious about sharing personal images online, adjust privacy settings on social media, and report any deepfake bot activity to the platform or local authorities.

What Should I do if I am a Victim of a Deepfake Bot on Telegram?

Report the bot to Telegram, document the evidence, consider legal action, and seek support from organizations that help victims of digital abuse.

Wrapping Up on Deepfake Telegram Bots

So there you have it, folks – a wild ride through the wacky world of Deepfake Telegram Bots on Telegram. While it's pretty mind-blowing what these AI tools can do, it's also a bit of a ethical minefield. I mean, creating fake nudes without consent? Not cool. But hey, technology is advancing crazy fast and it doesn't look like deepfakes are going away anytime soon.

The best we can do is stay informed, think critically about the media we consume, and maybe have a laugh or two at the absurdity of it all.

Until next time, keep it real out there! 😉

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