7 Best Free AI Hairstyle Apps 2024 ➜ Virtual Makeovers Made Easy

In 2024, Free AI Hairstyle Apps have become a pivotal tool in the beauty and fashion industry, leveraging artificial intelligence to offer users a virtual makeover experience. These apps, utilizing facial recognition and machine learning algorithms, allow individuals to experiment with over 30,000 hairstyles, colors, and styles in real time 3D, providing a risk free platform to visualize potential hair transformations before making a commitment. 

The global market for AI fashion tools, including hairstyle apps, is projected to reach $4.391 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 38.20% from 2020, highlighting the significant demand and future growth potential in this sector.Real life applications range from personal use for daily styling or special occasions to professional consultations, enhancing self expression and boosting self esteem. Despite their benefits, it's crucial to note that while these apps offer a high degree of realism and accuracy, they do not replace the expert advice of a professional hairstylist.

What are AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools?

AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools are innovative digital platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to allow users to experiment with various hairstyles virtually. By uploading a photo, users can try on different haircuts, colors, and styles in real time, enabling them to visualize how they would look with a new hairstyle before making any physical changes.

Hairstyles with AI Apps

These apps leverage advanced algorithms, facial recognition, and machine learning to provide realistic and personalized hairstyle simulations. They cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, offering a risk free way to explore new looks. AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools have transformed the fashion and beauty industry by making hairstyle experimentation accessible and convenient for everyone.

Use Cases of AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools

  • Virtual Makeovers: Users can try on different hairstyles and colors virtually before committing to a real change.
  • Event Planning: Individuals planning for special occasions like weddings or proms can experiment with looks to match their outfits.
  • Fashion Blogging: Fashion bloggers use these apps to create diverse content, showcasing various hairstyles with their audiences.
  • Personal Styling: Users seeking a new look can explore and find styles that best suit their face shape and preferences.
  • Hairdresser Consultations: Professionals use these apps to offer clients previews of recommended hairstyles.
  • Social Media Challenges: People participate in challenges by trying on trending hairstyles and sharing their transformations.
  • Educational Tools: Hairstyling students use these apps to learn about different styles and color theory.
  • E commerce Integration: Online retailers integrate these apps to help customers visualize how hairstyles might look with certain outfits.
  • Self Expression: Individuals exploring their identity can experiment with hairstyles in a safe, private environment.
  • AI Research and Development: Developers and researchers use feedback from these apps to improve AI algorithms and user experience.

Top 7 Free AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools for a Virtual Makeover

Let me share my Top 7 Free AI-Powered Hairstyle Apps and Tools. Want a quick overview? Peruse the table below:

7 Best Free AI Hairstyle Apps in 2024

AI Hairstyle ChangersKey FeaturesRatings
1. HairStyle AI
Provides 120 HD photos across 4 different poses4/5 [Product Hunt]
2. Fotor Hairstyle Changer
Enjoy a simple, drag and drop interface for easy hairstyle experimentation4.1/5 [Google Play Store]
3. Hairstyle Try On
50 different hair color options for every style3.8/5 [Google Play Store]
4. Hair Zapp
Save and compare your favorite hairstyles side by side3.4/5 [App Store]
5. AI hairstyle
Allows for personalized hairstyle exploration with custom requests4/5 [Product Hunt]
6. Hairstyle MakeoverAllows width and height adjustments of hairstyles to fit face structure.3.8/5 [App Store]
7. Perfect365Accurately maps facial features for precise makeup application4.8/5 [Google Play Store]

1. HairStyle AI

HairStyle AI

HairStyle AI is a cutting edge virtual AI hairstyle try on app that lets users preview potential haircuts before getting the real thing cut. It uses powerful AI technology to generate photorealistic images of users with different hairstyles. Users simply upload selfies, and the app produces 30 unique AI powered hairstyles across 4 poses, resulting in 120 high definition photos. 

AI hairstyle app 2024 offers the ability to try out short, medium and long hairstyles, as well as colors and styles like blonde, brunette, black, gray, ginger, buzzcuts, bobs, perms, dreadlocks, ponytails, and more for both men and women. Over 155,760 hairstyles have already been created for nearly 1,300 happy customers. The one time $9 payment grants full access with a fast 1 hour turnaround. HairstyleAI lets users preview hairstyles to get more confident about their look before any real haircut.

Key Features of AL Hairstyle

  • Virtual Try On Experience: Users can experiment with new hairstyles virtually before committing to a haircut.
  • Wide Variety of Styles: Offers 30 unique AI generated hairstyles, including modern and classic cuts.
  • High Quality Imagery: Provides 120 HD photos across 4 different poses/haircuts for detailed visualization.
  • Fast Turnaround: Delivers a complete photoshoot with AI hairstyles within 1 hour.
  • Affordable Pricing: A one time payment of $9 for access to all features and hairstyle options.
  • User Friendly Platform: Easy upload of selfies against a plain background for best results..
  • Inclusivity: Caters to both male and female styles, accommodating a diverse range of hair types and preferences.

Hairstyle AI Pricing 

Hairstyle AI offers a straightforward pricing plan for its users, allowing them to explore a variety of AI generated hairstyles.

Pricing PlanCostFeatures
Standard$9.00  One time payment  30 unique AI hairstyles  4 different poses/haircuts  120 HD photos

2. Fotor Hairstyle Changer

Fotor AI Hairstyle Changer

Fotor's Hairstyle Changer is one of the Best Free AI Hairstyle Apps in 2024, allowing users to effortlessly try on various virtual hairstyles in seconds. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, this free online tool works automatically to swap hairstyles once you upload a selfie. 

With over 36 free hairstyles available, users can choose from a wide variety including curly, long, short, and buzz cut hairstyles. The app also features a hair color changer to try on different shades and create a complete makeover. As a fully automatic and easy to use virtual hairstyle simulator, Fotor's Hairstyle Changer makes hair transformation fun and risk free. It's the perfect way to experiment with new looks before committing to an actual haircut.

Fotor Hairstyle Key Features

  • AI Powered Virtual Try On :Effortlessly try on various hairstyles with AI technology for a realistic makeover.
  • Wide Range of Styles :Access a diverse collection of hairstyles, including curly, long, buzz cuts, and more.
  • Hair Color Customization :Perfect your look with an extensive hair color changer, offering numerous shades.
  • User Friendly Interface :Enjoy a simple, drag and drop interface for easy hairstyle experimentation.
  • Cross Platform Availability :Available on both iOS and Android, allowing for on the go hairstyle changes.
  • Realistic Previews :Provides natural looking and realistic virtual haircut try ons.
  • Free Access :Enjoy the core features without any cost, making it accessible to everyone.

Fotor Hairstyle Pricing 

Fotor offers a variety of pricing plans for its photo editing and design services, which include the Hairstyle Changer feature. The pricing plans are as follows:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFeatures
Fotor BasicFreeFreeBasic editing/design features, basic collage layouts, non HD download with watermark, etc.
Fotor Pro$8.99$39.99Advanced editing features, HD download without watermark, 100,000+ templates, 2G cloud storage, etc.
Fotor Pro+$19.99$89.99All Pro features plus 1,000,000+ HD stock photos, 10G cloud storage, weekly updates, etc.

3. Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs is the best free AI hairstyle app in 2024, allowing users to visually try on different hairstyles and hair colors. With just a few taps, users can upload a selfie and see themselves with various fashionable hairstyles thanks to advanced AI technology.It offers a diverse library of bangs, wigs, and hair extensions to mix and match, creating unique looks suitable for any occasion. Users have full control to adjust size, angle, and position for optimal alignment with facial features.

After selecting the desired hairstyles and colors, users can save their favorite looks or seamlessly share via social media. With regular app updates and new hairstyle packs added frequently, Hairstyle Try On provides an entertaining and risk free way for users to discover their signature style. Its user friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities make it the top choice for experimenting with virtual hairstyles in 2024. Real life use cases include previewing styles before a drastic hair transformation or simply having fun with different looks.

Key Features of Hairstyle Try on

  • Wide Variety of Styles: Offers 36 free hairstyles in various lengths, with the option to purchase more, totaling over 800 styles.
  • Diverse Hair Color Options: Features more than 50 different hair color options for every style, allowing for extensive customization.
  • Easy Photo Upload: Users can easily take a photo or use one from their album to try on hairstyles, enhancing user convenience.
  • Social Sharing: Enables sharing of hairstyle results with family, friends, or hairstylists, facilitating feedback and opinions.
  • Face Shape Analysis: Provides hairstyle information and tips, including advice on what suits your face shape, for informed styling choices.
  • Advanced Face Recognition: Improved face recognition technology ensures hairstyles look realistic and well aligned with users' facial features.
  • Flexible Hairstyle Adjustment: Allows users to flip hairstyles and change parts from one side to the other, offering further personalization.

Hairstyle Try on Pricing Plans

Pricing PlanDescription
Free Plan36 free hairstyles in various lengths to try on.
Female Mixed Style Package$0.99 for 76 short/medium/long styles for women.
Female Extra Package$2.99 for 350+ additional hairstyles.
All Packages Combined$4.99 for all available packages at a 40% discount.
Male Hairstyle Package$1.99 for various male hairstyles.
Bald, Thin & Shaved Package$0.99 for specific styles catering to balding or shaved looks.
Formal Updos Package$1.99 for elegant updo hairstyles.

4. Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp is the best free AI hairstyle app in 2024, allowing users to virtually try on different hairstyles. Its high resolution imaging technology provides realistic previews, making results hard to distinguish from real photos. Users simply take a selfie, and Hair Zapp's powerful AI recognizes facial features to overlay hundreds of salon quality hairstyles. Compare favorites, get community feedback, and show your hairdresser. 

With Hair Zapp's virtual try ons, real life use cases are endless. Users can experiment with dramatic new looks risk free before committing to an actual haircut. The app empowers indecisive clients to visualize and compare options with precision. Hairdressers can consult visually on potential styles, ensuring client satisfaction. Overall, Hair Zapp is the ultimate virtual hairstyling playground.

Key Features of Hair Zapp

  • Virtual Try Ons: Easily try on various hairstyles using a simple photo of yourself.
  • High Resolution Imaging: Hairstyles look incredibly real, offering a lifelike preview.
  • Ad Funded Free Use: Access numerous hairstyles for free, with an option to go ad free with a premium subscription.
  • Favorites Comparison: Save and compare your favorite hairstyles side by side.
  • Community Feedback: Upload your favorite looks anonymously to get feedback from other users.
  • Cross Platform Availability: Accessible on both iOS and Android devices for a wider user base.
  • Premium Features for Hairdressers: Includes multiple client management, more hairstyles, and ad free experience.

Hair Zapp Pricing 

Here are the free and paid pricing plans for the Hair Zapp app:

Free PlanPaid Plans
Completely free to download and usePremium hairdresser's features: $2.99 one time purchase
400+ hairstyles to try onPro features: $9.99 one time purchase
Favorites feature to compare looksRemove ads: $2.99 one time purchase
Community feedback on looksLite features: $6.99 one time purchase
High resolution previewsPremium features: $349.99 one time purchase
Cross platform availabilityPremium features special price: $299.99 one time purchase
Ad supported1 month subscription: $2.99
1 year subscription: $29.99

5. AI hairstyle

AI hairstyles

AIhairstyles.com is the best free AI hairstyle app in 2024, allowing users to visually try on different hairstyles and colors in seconds. Simply upload a selfie, choose from available styles like bobs, pixies, bangs, etc and colors, and AIhairstyles generates realistic previews. Offers include privacy protection by deleting images after 30 days of inactivity, an affiliate program to earn commissions, and a referral system to get free credits.

AI hairstyle app saves users time and money by eliminating the need for multiple salon visits to try different looks.It's easy virtual try on empowers people to experiment with dramatic hairstyle changes risk free before committing. As AIhairstyles continues advancing its proprietary models with more images, it keeps improving style suggestions to better complement individual preferences and face shapes.

Key Features of AI Hairstyle

  • Virtual Try Ons: Users can see how different hairstyles and colors look on them virtually.
  • AI Powered Suggestions: The app suggests hairstyles based on facial features and preferences
  • Realistic Previews: High quality renders provide a realistic preview of different hairstyles.
  • Diverse Style Options: Offers a wide range of hairstyles for both men and women.
  • Privacy Protection: Some apps ensure user photos are deleted after a certain period.
  • Social Sharing: Users can share their new looks on social media for feedback.
  • Custom Requests: Allows for personalized hairstyle exploration with custom requests.

AI Hairstyle App Pricing 

Here are the free and paid pricing plans of AI hairstyle 

Free PlanNot available
Premium   One time access$9 one time payment
Monthly SubscriptionNot available

6. Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover is the best free AI hairstyle app in 2024, allowing users to visually try on over 600 popular hairstyles for men and women. It has an AI powered virtual hair salon using augmented reality technology to realistically layer new hairstyles over users' faces for an accurate preview. Users simply upload a photo, choose from hundreds of styles like short bobs or long waves, adjust the placement and size, and see their new look. Additional features include facial hair styles, glasses, jackets, and one click comic face filters for fun. With 12,000+ reviews and 100,000+ downloads, Hairstyle Makeover is the top rated free app to preview fashionable hairstyles. 

The app provides an engaging way for users to experiment with the latest hair trends risk free before committing to an actual cut or color. Its AI algorithms analyze facial features to seamlessly blend various cuts and colors, empowering users to discover styles that best complement their look.The app is easy to use, supports saving and sharing looks on social media, and receives rave reviews for its realism and fun. As the best free AI hairstyle app in 2024, Hairstyle Makeover is transforming how people explore and choose their signature styles.

Key Features of Hairstyle Makeover

  • Real Hairstyles: Uses professionally edited, real hairstyles for an authentic try on experience.
  • Easy Interface: User friendly interface for easy matching of hairstyles to your photo.
  • Adjustable Dimensions: Allows width and height adjustments of hairstyles to fit face structure.
  • Color Tint Change: Offers color tint adjustment to match the hairstyle with your photo.
  • Flip Feature: Enables flipping the hair to change the part side, enhancing customization.
  • Layer Tool: Access previously added hairstyles using the layer tool for comparison and selection.
  • Universal App: Installable on all iOS devices, ensuring accessibility across different Apple products.

Hairstyle Makeover Pricing 

Here are the free and paid pricing plans for the Hairstyle Makeover app 

FreeFreeIncludes limited number of hairstyles to try on
Female Hairstyles$1.99Unlocks additional female hairstyles
Male Hairstyles$1.99Unlocks additional male hairstyles
Wild & Fun Styles$0.99Unlocks additional fun hairstyles like wigs
Facial Hair$0.99Unlocks additional beard and mustache styles
All Styles$4.9940% off when you buy all style packages together

7. Perfect365


Perfect365 is the world's most popular virtual makeup app, used by over 100 million beauty enthusiasts globally. As the best free AI hairstyle app in 2024, it offers users an unparalleled experience to digitally try on makeup, edit photos, and style hair. With just a selfie, Perfect365's augmented reality technology lets you experiment with the latest makeup products and over 400 trendy hairstyles from top brands. 

The app provides real time facial feature tracking to apply makeup, hairstyles, and accessories that look natural. Users can save unlimited edited photos and share instantly on social media. Perfect365 also has an engaged community where people discuss beauty tips and the latest style trends. Its advanced AI empowers anyone to unleash their creativity, make confident beauty choices, and have fun with virtual makeovers, making it the ultimate free hairstyling app in 2024.

Key Features of Perfect365

  • One Touch Makeup Application: Instantly apply makeup looks with a single tap, choosing from over 200 pre-set styles.
  • Instant Facial Recognition: Accurately maps facial features for precise makeup application, enhancing eyes, lips, and overall face.
  • Customizable Beauty Tools: Over 20 makeup and beauty tools for personalized style adjustments, including shadows, liners, and lipsticks.
  • Virtual Hair Dye: Experiment with different hair colors virtually, using augmented reality for a realistic preview of new looks.
  • Unlimited Creativity: Adjustable settings for unlimited looks and styles, with new style templates offered regularly for free download.
  • Built In Sharing: Easily share your makeover directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, showcasing your new look with friends.
  • Before and After Comparison: Review the transformation with a side by side comparison of your original photo and the edited version.

Perfect365 Pricing

The free version offers basic functionality, while subscriptions unlock all advanced features. There are also some one time in app purchases for additional capabilities like saving high res photos.

FreeBasic photo editing features
In app purchases for additional features
Perfect365 PLUS (Monthly)$4.99 per month
Unlocks all premium features
Fewer ads
Unlimited use of professional makeup looks
Perfect365 PLUS (Yearly)$19.99 per year
Unlocks all premium features
Fewer ads
Unlimited use of professional makeup looks
Save Unlimited Photos$4.99 one time fee
Save edited photos in high resolution
Pro Color Palette$4.99 one time fee
Customize makeup looks with unique color combinations

How To Use AI HairStyle Apps

Here are some key steps on how to use an AI hairstyle app:

  1. Register and create a profile
    Sign up for the app and create a user profile. Provide details like your age, gender, hair type, face shape etc. to get personalized recommendations.
  2. Upload photos 
    Upload a clear selfie or portrait photo to use for virtual hair makeover. Make sure your full head and face are visible.
  3. Browse hairstyles
    Browse through the variety of hairstyles suggested or available in the app. The app may provide recommendations based on your facial analysis. 
  4. Try on styles virtually
    Tap to try on the different hairstyles and see realistic previews of how they would look. You can try cuts, colors, lengths etc.
  5. Compare looks side by side 
    Use split screen or gallery view to compare different hairstyles side by side on your image.
  6. Customize further
    Many apps allow you to customize the hair color, adjust length and bangs etc. to visualize variations.
  7. Save your favorite looks
    Shortlist or save the edited photos of hairstyles you liked to review later or show your stylist.
  8. Share for opinions
    Seek others' opinions by sharing the photos directly to social media from the app.

So in a few simple steps, you can experiment with virtual hair makeovers using AI hairstyle apps right from your phone!

The Technology Behind AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools

Free AI Hair Generators Tech

The realistic virtual hair makeovers created by these AI Hairstyle apps and tools rely on innovative AI and AR technologies. Specifically, AI hairstyle apps tap into machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision.

These systems are “trained” using thousands of images of people with various hairstyles. By analyzing these examples, the algorithms learn to recognize facial features, hair texture, and other variables.

The AI Hairstyle App and Tool can then take the user's selfies, detect their facial shape, compare it to the training data, and predict how different haircuts would look.

Additional programming generates the simulated images, transforms the hair, and tailors the final results.

This combination of AI and AR allows AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools to provide a uniquely personalized hair try-on experience. Interestingly, the technology continues advancing too, constantly improving simulation quality.

FAQs on AI Hairstyle Apps

1. How do AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools work?

AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools use artificial intelligence to analyze the user's facial features, existing hair, and head shape, and then generate a realistic image of what they would look like with different hairstyles.

2. Are AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools Accurate?

Yes, AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools are accurate. They use advanced AI algorithms to provide a highly realistic representation of how different hairstyles would look on the user.

3. Can I use AI Hairstyle Apps for professional purposes?

Yes, these apps can be used for professional purposes. For instance, hairdressers and stylists can use these tools to provide personalized recommendations to clients.

4. What are the limitations of AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools?

The limitations of AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools include the need for high-quality images for accurate results, potential inaccuracies in hairstyle simulations, and the limited range of hairstyles and colors available in some apps.

5. How to get the best results from AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools?

To get the best results from AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools, users should upload high-quality images, choose a hairstyle that suits their face shape and personal style, and experiment with different hairstyles and colors.

6. Are there any risks associated with using AI Hairstyle Apps and Tools?

The main risks associated with using these AI apps and tools are data privacy and security. Users should ensure that the apps they use have robust data privacy and security practices in place.

7. How do AI Hairstyle Apps ensure user privacy and data security?

These apps ensure user privacy and data security by implementing robust data protection measures, such as encryption, and complying with data privacy laws and regulations.

8. Can AI Hairstyle Apps handle all types of hair and hairstyles?

Most apps can handle a wide range of hair types and hairstyles. However, the range of hairstyles and colors available may vary depending on the app.

Winding Up

After testing out these seven AI-powered hairstyle apps and tools, I'm thoroughly impressed by the realistic virtual hair makeovers they facilitate.

As someone who loves experimenting with different looks but hates the risk of hair regret, having an easy way to preview potential styles is game-changing. These AI Hairstyle apps and tools put a glam squad in your pocket, serving up countless on-demand hair transformations.

And they continue advancing too, with improving tech and growing style libraries. So if you're a serial hair chameleon like me or just occasionally trying a shade of pink- don't think twice about giving these futuristic AI tools a spin.

See which vibrant colors and trendy cuts bring out your best self. And if you love what you see virtually, go ahead and make it a reality!