10 Best Free DeepNude AI Generators ⇒ Top Free Picks ????

Have you ever wondered about the influence of artificial intelligence on creativity and privacy?

In the world of AI, Deepnude AI generators use advanced AI to digitally remove clothing from images of people. This technology has raised controversies and sparked heated debates raising concerns about privacy, consent, and the potential for misuse.

The potential misuse of such tools can lead to violations of privacy, non-consensual distribution of manipulated images, and other harmful actions. This has sparked heated debates on ethics, privacy, and the potential misuse of AI raising important questions about the potential impact of such technology on various aspects of society.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 Free DeepNude AI generators, their unique features, potential applications, and the critical questions they pose about the responsible use of AI technology.

DeepNude AI Generators Overview

DeepNude AI Generators are applications used to remove clothing from photos of clothes people. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to create realistic, altered images of individuals. The algorithms of such applications are trained on large datasets of images that show people wearing different types of clothing.

This raises serious ethical concerns about privacy violations, objectification of women, and harassment or emotional distress for victims.

While some argue that deepfakes have creative potential, their capacity for abuse and harm outweighs any benefits. huge availability of Deepnude generators enables non-consensual pornography, stalking, and reputational damage.

How to Choose the Best DeepNude AI Generator?

There are several factors that one must evaluate carefully before choosing any of the DeepNude AI Generators, such as:

  • The app should produce high-quality, real-looking images.
  • They should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Choose the one that is capable of generating images quickly.
  • It should allow users to adjust certain parameters to achieve desired results.
  • The app should prioritize user privacy and data protection ensuring that users have full control over the images they upload and create.
  • The app should encourage responsible use of its services and not be used to create or distribute non-consensual explicit content.
  • It is important to consider whether the app is free or requires payment. It is important to check on the cost and whether it suits your budget and preferences.

List of Best Free DeepNude AI Generators

Free DeepNude AI GeneratorsUSPRatings
Undress AIUndress AI provides advanced AI-driven image manipulation.
Precision in ‘undressing' images.
Unique artistic exploration platform.
Sexy AICustomizable virtual companionship.
Innovative solution to loneliness.
A unique blend of technology and intimacy.
ClothOffInnovative AI-driven image manipulation.
Community features for fashion enthusiasts.
A unique platform for fashion and fan engagement.
Nudify OnlineAI-powered clothing removal.
Creative artistic expression.
Innovative image manipulation.
DeepNudeNowAutomatic image resizing and compression.
High traffic and visitor engagement.
Uses advanced AI for ‘undressing' images.
SoulGenAI-powered personalized art generator.
Generates anime-style and real-life portraits.
Generates unique, authentic images.
PornJourneySafe and secure platform.
Respects privacy and consent guidelines.
Detailed adult content library.
DeepSwapAdvanced AI for realistic face swaps.
High-quality, shockingly realistic results.
Can swap up to 6 faces in free trial.
Candy AIEffortless clothing removal.
High-quality output.
AI-powered image transformation.
Seduced AIAI-powered personalized adult content.
Realistic and anime-style visuals.
High-quality AI-driven pornographic content.

1. Undress AI


Undress AI is a web-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to digitally remove clothing from images popularly known as “DeepNudes”. This cloth remover tool offers users the ability to customize images, setting parameters like age and body type.

The application employs a deep learning algorithm trained on a vast dataset of images. This algorithm identifies patterns and features associated with clothing and then uses this knowledge to generate an image of the person without the clothes.

The Undress AI Program offers age and body type preferences allowing users to customize the manipulated images according to their needs and preferences.

To use Undress AI, follow these steps

  • Visit the official website of Undress.app.
  • Click on “Launch App”.
  • “Upload” the image you want to manipulate.
  • Set the parameters like age and body type.
  • Wait for the AI to process the image.
  • Download the edited image.

Pricing: Undress AI operates on a freemium model offering 10 free attempts for new users.

2. Sexy AI


Sexy AI is an AI-powered art generator that allows users to create sensual and erotic imagery. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to turn text prompts into stunning visuals in various artistic styles like photography, anime, or paintings.

The tool is capable of turning words into art, generating AI-created pictures, exploring various art styles, and customizing images with simple instructions. It offers a wide selection of models and avatars to choose from with options to customize hair, body type, clothing, and more.

The platform allows you to experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns to create unique digital artwork making it safe by providing a private environment that helps in keeping the data secure.

How to use Sexy AI?

  • Visit the platform and register yourself.
  • Browse and select a model that fits your vision and customize it as needed.
  • Enter the text prompt clearly describing the image you want to generate.
  • Pick artistic style and other settings such as size, number of images, etc.
  • Hit the “Generate” button and let Sexy AI do the magic.
  • Make edits to fine-tune the image if needed.
  • Click on “Download” to get the image in high resolution once you’re satisfied with the output.

Pricing: Sexy AI works on a Freemium subscription model with plans starting at $14.99 per month. Higher plans unlock additional features, credits, model access, and more.

3. ClothOff


ClothOff is another popular AI-powered tool that uses Advanced Neural Networks and AI technology to “Undress” images while prioritizing user privacy and maintaining a privacy-focused approach.

The platform employs breakthrough algorithms to replace clothes in photos with real-looking skin providing the illusion of nudity. It never stores or saves data on its servers stating they're not responsible for the images created using its service.

How to use ClothOff?

  • Visit the ClothOff website or download the app on iOS/Android and register yourself with the platform.
  • Click on “Upload” to add photos directly from your camera/ gallery.
  • Let the AI process the image to digitally remove clothes.
  • Adjust the skin tone, hair color, and more as per your preferences.
  • Click on “Save” or “Share” it with your Friends.

Note: Use the tool responsibly considering privacy concerns and responsibility for images.

Pricing: ClothOff offers a free version along with the option to buy VIP coins with prices starting from $2 for 4 coins. You can use these coins to access more premium features.

4. Nudify Online


Nudify Online is a Clothing Removal platform that uses the power of AI. It offers a unique blend of technology and creativity by using advanced AI algorithms to manipulate images primarily by removing clothing while maintaining a strong emphasis on ethical considerations.

Nudify Online uses advanced AI algorithms designed specially to produce natural-looking nude images, matching skin tones and texture. It lets users tweak parameters like body type, skin smoothness, and resolution to get the desired results.

The platform's standout feature is its undress capability which lets users edit photos to add an undressing effect. It has an intuitive interface to upload photos and generate edits with a single click.

How to use Nudify Online?

  • Visit the official website of Nudify Online and register yourself.
  • Click on “Upload” and upload the photo that you want to edit.
  • Let the AI process the photo and generate a convincing nude version.
  • Review and Save the photo or share it with others.

Pricing:Nudify Online offers a free service with additional features available for purchase through credits.

5. DeepNudeNow


DepeNudeNow uses a unique blend of AI algorithms to remove clothes from images of clothed individuals. This tool offers a user-friendly interface and high-quality results promoting a new level of simplicity in image editing making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

The platform uses an original AI algorithm to generate nudes from clothed photos offering a unique service in the image editing market. Its user-friendly interface is designed by DeepNude Now makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of their technical skills.

It is committed to producing high-quality and realistic results ensuring user satisfaction in a more straightforward and easy-to-use, making it accessible to a vast user base.

How to use DeepNudeNow?

  • Go to the official website of DeepNudeNow and register yourself.
  • Click on “Upload” to upload a photo of a clothed person preferably wearing tight clothes.
  • Let the AI process the image and deliver the final version as a naked image.
  • Review and Download the final output.

Pricing: DeepNudeNow offers both free and paid versions with pricing starting from $19.99 per month.

6. SoulGen


SoulGen is a popular AI Dream Girl Creator that brings your imagination to life. It allows you to generate images of real-life or anime-style girls from simple text prompts.

The platform lets you create a character that resembles a celebrity, a friend, or even a unique creation of your own. It is developed using advanced deep learning algorithms letting you create high-quality and customized AI art within seconds.

It uses state-of-the-art AI to generate anime or photorealistic images of girls based on text descriptions provided by the user. The text-to-image generation is quick and allows endless customization.

With a Customizable character feature users can customize hair color, skin tone, outfits, accessories, and more for their AI-generated characters using SoulGen's detailed text prompts and tags.

It allows users to upload a photo of a celebrity or someone they know and ask SoulGen to generate a character with similar facial features allowing the platform to create a real-looking portrait.

How to use SoulGen?

  • Visit the official website of SoulGen and Sign Up to get yourself registered.
  • Enter your description or use the given prompt.
  • Choose between Real Girl or Anime Girl and click on “Generate”.

Pricing: SoulGen works on a Freemium subscription model with a paid subscription model's pricing ranging from $9.99 per month to $69.99 per year.

7. PornJourney


PornJourney is a premium AI-powered adult content generator that allows users to generate ultra-realistic pornographic images and videos of their dream girls. It uses advanced deep learning algorithms to create stunningly lifetime adult imagery.

With a full customization feature, users can change hair color, length, and style; adjust body shape, skin tone, tattoos, piercings, makeup, and more. It lets you choose clothing, lingerie, poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds.

Keep this Girl feature lets you save customized faces to generate new images with the same model by smoothly removing clothing. It also offers video generation capabilities for premium users.

How to use PornJourney?

  • Select customized features like age, ethnicity, hair, etc.
  • Choose poses, clothing, and backgrounds.
  • Click on “Generate” to create images and videos within seconds.
  • You can also edit, inpaint, or outpain any image (optional).
  • Click on “Save” and start sharing your favorite creations.

Pricing: PornJourney offers both free and paid versions with pricing starting from 14.99 Euros per month and a yearly membership at 89.99 Euros.

8. DeepSwap


DeepSwap is the ultimate Face Swapper and a cutting-edge SaaS tool that uses advanced AI algorithms to create convincing deepnude videos and images. It allows users to smoothly swap faces in photos, videos, and GIFs, generating shockingly realistic results, and more.

The DeepSwap's movie role-play video generator feature lets you swap your face into famous movie roles to create realistic personalized videos.

With a one-sec face swap photo editor feature, users can instantly edit face swap photos without much effort, perfect for travel photos, weddings, and more.

DeepSwap's meme and GIF maker helps you easily generate trending memes and GIFs using face swaps for improved engagement. AI Girl Generator feature works perfectly to create customized AI-generated anime or real portraits using text prompts and sample images.

How to use DeepSwap?

  • Get yourself registered with the DeepSwap’s official website.
  • Upload a photo/video and select a face to Swap.
  • Customize the face swap with options like skin tone.
  • Download the final face swap result after processing.

Pricing: DeepSwap offers both free and paid subscription plans with pricing starting from $9.99 per month.

9. Candy AI

Candy AI

Candy AI is a popular platform that offers users the opportunity to create and interact with lifelike AI companions. The platform is capable of creating hyper-realistic virtual companions for deeply engaging conversations and connections.

The realistic and anime avatar styles help users select either realistic 3D or anime-inspired 2D avatar styles for their AI companion. The platform offers advanced customization of a companion's personality, interests, background, conversation style, and more.

Candy AI companions display human-like conversational abilities and adapt based on user chat history. It lets users explore exciting roleplaying adventures and storylines with their virtual companions.

The Candy AI's interactive chatting feature helps users to engage in immersive and personalized chats with their AI companions fostering a more interactive experience.

How to use Candy AI?

  • Visit the official website of Candy AI and get yourself registered.
  • Choose or create your custom-based AI character from the available options.
  • Engage in conversation with your AI character.
  • You can request the AI character to create nudes during the conversation.

Note: Candy AI offers a premium plan subscription for those looking to generate nudes. The free plan does not offer nude creations.

Pricing: Candy AI offers both free and premium plans with pricing starting from $12.99 per month.

10. Seduced AI


Seduced AI is a leading AI porn generator that allows users to create NSFW AI (Not Safe for Work) images and videos without technical knowledge. It offers a range of 10 distinct AI models, so users can generate diverse content including realistic and anime-style visuals.

The platform is capable of generating smooth videos of up to 6 seconds, reusing previously generated AI characters, and offering a specialized extension to serve various fetishes.

It offers multiple AI models capable of producing realistic images and animations spanning various types from photorealistic to anime.

How to Use Seduced AI?

  • Go to the official website of Seduced AI and confirm that you’re 18+.
  • Once you confirm, hit the Sign Up button to get yourself registered with the platform.
  • Customize the character, clothing, environment, etc using text prompts.
  • Click on the “Generate” button to generate nudes from photos and short videos.

Pricing: Seduced AI pricing starts at $25 per month.

How Does DeepNude AI Generator's Work?

Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how DeepNude AI Generators Work:

1. Data Collection and Training

DeepNude AI is trained on a large dataset of images containing people with and without clothes. This helps the AI learn the patterns and features of human bodies and clothing.

2. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

DeepNude AI uses GANs which is a type of deep learning algorithm to generate realistic nude images. It consists of two neural networks, a generator, and a discriminator that work together to create a real-looking image.

3. Image Input and Clothing Detection

Users can upload an image of a person wearing clothes to the DeepNude AI Generator. The AI detects segments in the input image using its trained knowledge of clothing patterns and features.

4. Clothing Removal

The generator network in the GAN creates a realistic nude image by removing the clothing from the input image and filling in the missing body parts.

5. Image Refinement

The discriminator network in the GAN evaluates the generated image for realism and provides feedback to the generator which then refines the image until it suits your desires.

6. Output

The final generated nude image is presented to the user.

FAQs Related to DeepNude AI Generators

How can individuals stay safe from Undress AI?

To stay safe from apps like Undress AI, it is important to exercise caution and ensure that real people's images are not being used without their consent. Misusing such tools can lead to ethical concerns and potential privacy invasion.

Are Undress AI Tools compatible with all devices?

Well, the compatibility may vary between different tools as many Undress AI tools are designed to be accessible on a variety of platforms including both Android and iOS.

Is it possible to customize the output of Undress AI Tools?

Definitely, many Undress AI tools offer numerous customization options. For instance, some tools allow users to select the body type of the generated images while others offer options to adjust the lighting and pose of the generated nude image.

Are there free tools to make pictures naked using AI?

Yes, there are several free AI tools available online that can generate nude images from clothed photos. Some of these include Undress AI, Soulgen, and DeepNudeNow.

Does the AI DeepNude photo Generator give accurate results?

The accuracy of AI nude photo generators can vary based on the quality of the original image and the specific tool used. However, many of these tools claim to have a high level of accuracy in generating deepfake nudes and bikini photos.

The Bottom Line

Throughout the exploration of the 10 Best Free DeepNude AI Generators, we've explored the fascinating yet controversial world of AI-powered Deepfake nudes. After carefully analyzing their features, capabilities, and limitations, and highlighting the ethical and legal implications surrounding this rapidly evolving technology.

Moreover, I can summarize that deepfakes and AI image generation technologies raise some important concerns around consent, privacy, and responsible use. While some argue this technology has artistic and entertainment value, it also carries risks of abuse if used irresponsibly or without permission.

Overall, the creators and users of such tools must carefully weigh ethical considerations around harm, consent, and privacy against any benefits. Thus, it is important to have thoughtful discussions on establishing ethical norms, regulations, and safeguards for AI-generated content.