7 Best OnlyFans Alternatives 2024: Where to Go Next for Content?

Have you ever wondered if there are better options than OnlyFans for creators to monetize exclusive adult content? With OnlyFans booming in popularity raking in over $5 billion in sales last year, many creators are looking to diversify and build their brands across multiple platforms. However, finding viable OnlyFans alternatives with strong traffic and revenue potential can be challenging. OnlyFans, drawn by its promise of lucrative earnings and intimate fan interactions has been delivering a lot of things even more.

In this article, we'll explore the 7 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult Creators in 2024. You'll discover sites similar to OnlyFans where you can offer exclusive content through subscriptions, tips, pay-per-view media, and more. We'll compare the features, pricing, audiences, and earning potential of top competitors of OnlyFans. With strategic cross-promotion across platforms, you can cast a vast net to attract fans.

We'll also look at tools to help boost your visibility and analytics. So if you're an adult creator looking to expand beyond OnlyFans, read on to uncover the top 7 alternatives that can take your brand to the next level!

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What is OnlyFans?


OnlyFans is a subscription-based online platform that has significantly transformed the way creators monetize their content online. The platform has emerged as a popular site for creators to share exclusive, subscriber-only content while getting paid directly by their followers. While OnlyFans hosts creators from various genres like fitness, music, and cooking and has become most known as a platform for adult content creators to share pornographic photos and videos.

Using OnlyFans individual adult content creators can earn money from subscribers who pay either a monthly fee or one-time tips to access their nude or explicit content. While the platform has provided a new revenue stream for adult content creators, it has also faced criticism for issues around exploitative content and underage users.

Still, with increasing mainstream attention and surging growth, OnlyFans has undeniably transformed the adult entertainment landscape by allowing individual creators to monetize exclusive X-rated content on their terms.

Why do Content Creators love Using OnlyFans?

Content creators are crowded to OnlyFans to monetize their content, build dedicated fanbases, and forge direct connections with their followers. The platform's subscription-based model allows creators to earn a steady income by offering exclusive content that fans pay a monthly fee to access. This can include anything from personalized photos and videos to behind-the-scenes footage and live streams.

Here are some of the key reasons that will help accordingly:

  • Monetization of Content: To monetize their content and build a fanbase. OnlyFans allows creators to charge fans a monthly fee or tips to access exclusive, subscriber-only content. This direct monetization creates a new revenue stream and incentive.
  • Direct Interaction with Fans: To directly interact with fans and cultivate loyalty. OnlyFans facilitates direct messaging between creators and fans, allowing more personal connections. Responding to messages and comments builds stronger parasocial relationships.
  • Creative Freedom: To gain insights for better content creation. Through polls, surveys, and conversations, OnlyFans creators can better understand what their fans want. This data informs their content strategy.
  • Flexibility: To express creativity with fewer limits. With fewer content restrictions than sites like Instagram or YouTube, OnlyFans offers more creative freedom, especially for adult content.
  • Diverse Content: To control their economic independence. By monetizing their content, OnlyFans creators rely less on other revenue sources. They run their own business.

Best OnlyFans Alternatives in 2024: Loved by All

AlternativesWhat Makes It Different?
1. MYM.fansCustomize with a Unique domain
2. iFansExcellent referral system for new users
3. Fanvue85% of earnings for 1st three months and 80% later on
4. FanslyHave more than 10 Million Users
5. FancentroCustomize with Unique domain
6. FriendsonlyWorked on Pay per view sales
7. JustforFansHave LGBTQ Community Support

1. MYM.fans


MYM.fans emerges as a distinctive social media platform and a strong OnlyFans alternative that connects creators with their fans offering a unique blend of social networking and content monetization opportunities for creators. The platform allows creators to set up profiles and share exclusive photos, videos, and live streams with subscribers who pay a monthly fee. This gives fans more intimate access while providing creators with steady income streams.

The platform is known for its focus on building meaningful creator-fan relationships through direct messaging, custom content requests, and interactive features like live streaming. With over 8 million subscribers globally, MYM.fans accommodates creators and fans speaking English, French, German, Spanish, and others.

MYM.fans Key Features

  • Exclusive Content Access: Subscribers gain entry to unique stories, photos, videos, and live sessions.
  • Personalized Content Requests: Fans can request custom content customized to their preferences.
  • Revenue Streams: Creators earn through subscriptions, tips, personalized content, and a sponsorship program.
  • Professional Accounts: Enhanced features for managing content and interactions.
  • Commission Structure: Competitive earnings with up to 90% payout on certain revenue types.
  • Model Development: Focus on live streams and exclusive content sales.
  • Languages and Global Reach: Supports multiple languages serving the worldwide audience.

MYM.fans Pros and Cons


  • Multiple monetization options.
  • Feature-rich platform.
  • Strong security and content protection.
  • Push content options.
  • SuperStar program.


  • 25% commission fee.
  • Higher fee than OnlyFans.

2. iFans


iFans is a top contender and OnlyFans alternative growing rapidly across adult content creation, distinguishing itself from its competitors with a unique set of features designed to increase the earning potential and collaboration among creators. At its core, iFans is not just another subscription-based content platform with a community-driven ecosystem where creators can monetize their content through its community-driven ecosystem where creators can monetize their content.

What sets iFans apart is its Internal Affiliate System which encourages creators to refer new users and creators to the platform thereby earning a percentage of their earnings. Moreover, the platform emphasizes content protection, particularly for adult content ensuring a safe and respectful environment for both creators and subscribers with a user-friendly interface and a commitment to providing extensive customer support positioning itself as a viable and attractive alternative to OnlyFans, especially for those looking to maximize their earnings through referrals and collaborations.

iFans Key Features

  • Versatile live streaming options for engaging with a broad audience.
  • Advanced referral system promoting creator collaboration.
  • Subscription content behind paywalls for exclusive access.
  • Pay-to-view premium content for additional revenue.
  • Free profile following for fan previews.

iFans Pros and Cons


  • Innovative referral system for creators to earn commissions.
  • User-friendly interface and website design.
  • Focus on stability and maximizing creator revenue streams.
  • Competitive compensation structure.


  • Smaller user base compared to competitors like OnlyFans.
  • $200 minimum payout is very high.

3. Fanvue


Fanvue is the fastest-growing platform often described as an OnlyFans alternative providing creators with tools to monetize exclusive content through subscriptions, tips, messaging, merchandise sales, and more. The platform markets itself as a welcoming and inclusive space for all types of creators including adult content producers, influencers, chefs, artists, and beyond.

It promises to never ban adult content, unlike competitors such as OnlyFans which previously announced plans to prohibit sexually explicit content, unlike competitors such as OnlyFans which previously announced plans to prohibit sexually explicit content before quickly reversing the decision amid backlash. The site aims to offer creators an easy way to build their subscriber base, engage with fans, and earn recurring revenue. However, it provides convenient analytics so creators can track earnings and optimize content strategy.

Fanvue Key Features

  • Creators take home 85% of earnings for the first 3 months, then 80% thereafter.
  • Become a verified creator ready to start earning in less than 3 minutes.
  • The only platform with AI messaging, voice notes, and analytics all in one place.
  • Use insights to understand and improve earnings.
  • Access to round-the-clock support for any issues.
  • Sell content behind a paywall, on your profile, or via messages.
  • Enhanced discoverability for creators to reach new fans.
  • Upcoming feature to mint and sell NFTs.

Fanvue Pros and Cons


  • Multiple creation styles and modes.
  • Vibrant online community.
  • Live chat support.
  • Lower commission offer.


  • Limited creative control.
  • Newer Platform.

4. Fansly


Fansly is an emerging subscription-based social media platform that has positioned itself as a top OnlyFans alternative in the adult content creator industry. The tool operates on a similar model to OnlyFans enabling creators to monetize exclusive content through subscriptions, tips, pay-per-view media, and more. Within its first year, Fansly gained over 10 million users demonstrating the strong demand for adult creator platforms.

Fansly distinguishes itself with features aimed at enhancing creator revenue and protecting their content, alongside a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy navigation for both creators and subscribers. Additionally, Fansly provides a community-oriented environment to support their favorite creators allowing users to message directly to creators as well as join exclusive fan clubs to access additional content.

Fansly Key Features

  • Strict application process for creator verification.
  • Preview content is available for non-premium subscribers.
  • Growth in creators due to comprehensive platform features.
  • Revenue opportunities through referral programs.
  • Emoji removal option for content teasing.
  • Chargeback protection for creators.
  • International platform with a varying creator base.

Fansly Pros and Cons


  • Stronger privacy protections than competitors.
  • Growing platform with an engaged user base.
  • Customizable subscription tiers.
  • Chargeback protection.


  • Smaller user base than OnlyFans.
  • Limited payment processing options.

5. Fancentro


FanCentro is another OnlyFans alternative that has carved a niche for itself in the digital content distribution market. The platform is designed to empower adult entertainers, influencers, and celebrities to monetize their social media presence. It facilitates a direct connection between creators and their fans allowing for the exchange of exclusive content including private Stories, Clips, Live streams, and Content Feeds.

Creators can personalize their FanCentro account with their own domain name, enhancing their brand visibility. The site operates on a subscription model where fans pay either a monthly or a lifetime fee to access content from their favorite creators. It is also known for its user-friendly interface and robust discoverability features, which are particularly beneficial for new creators aiming to expand their audience.

Fancentro Key Features

  • Customize your FanCentro page with a unique domain.
  • Schedule content posts in advance.
  • Enhance account security with 2FA.
  • Create custom banners for social media promotion.
  • Retain subscribers with special offers.
  • Promote specific content with direct links.
  • Protect your content with watermarks.
  • Schedule direct messages to followers.
  • Send automated welcome messages to new subscribers.
  • Collaborate with other influencers for increased visibility.

Fancentro Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly website with excellent discoverability for creators.
  • Lifetime commission of 10% for every referral through the referral system.
  • Multiple payment options including credit cards and cryptocurrency.
  • Content protection tools like watermarks and content expiration dates.


  • Lower payout rate compared to some competitors (75% on FanCentro).
  • The absence of certain features that may be available on other platforms.

6. Friendsonly


Friendsonly is an emerging subscription-based OnlyFans alternative that allows content creators known as “authors” to share video content with fans. It operates similarly to OnlyFans providing creators an avenue to monetize original videos through subscriptions, pay-per-view sales, tips, and an affiliate program. However, Friendsonly differentiates itself in a few key ways.

Firstly, its recommendation algorithm helps surface new creators and quality content based on users' interests. This allows lesser-known authors to gain more visibility. Secondly, Friendsonly welcomes creators from all verticals, not just adult content. Fitness trainers, chefs, musicians, and more can find their niche audience. Lastly, Friendsonly incentivizes top-performing creators through gifts and rewards like iPhones, cars, and vacations. This gamification helps motivate authors to produce more engaging videos.

Overall, for video creators seeking an OnlyFans alternative with smarter distribution and incentives, Friendsonly presents a compelling option. Its focus on algorithmic discoverability and diverse content types allows it to carve out a unique position amongst fan subscription platforms.

Friendsonly Key Features

  • Algorithm-driven discoverability enhances content visibility.
  • Focuses on video content, appealing to a broad creator base.
  • Supports non-adult creators, expanding market reach.
  • Offers an affiliate program for additional earning opportunities.

Friendsonly Pros and Cons


  • Algorithmic recommendations help discovery.
  • Diverse creator types beyond adult content.
  • Lucrative monetization and rewards.


  • Video-focused limits other content types.
  • Lesser-known brand than OnlyFans.

7. JustforFans


JustForFans (JFF) is a subscription-based social media platform launched in 2018, providing a space for adult content creators to monetize their work. Often considered an OnlyFans alternative, JFF sets itself apart with a strong focus on serving the adult entertainment community. As a niche platform catering specifically to adult creators offering an environment where explicit content is welcomed.

For creators, it provides tools to easily manage subscriptions, engage with fans via messaging, and sell customized content. JFF empowers entrepreneurs in the adult industry to have full control and ownership over their content, build their personal brand, and earn a steady income. Its straightforward monetization features give creators 85% of their subscription revenue, with no caps on earnings.

JustForFans Key Features

  • Subscription-based content access for exclusive fan experiences.
  • Live streaming capabilities to engage with audiences in real-time.
  • Direct fan messaging for personalized communication.
  • Paywalled feed for exclusive video clips and photo sets.
  • Affiliate and referral programs to boost earnings.
  • Health insurance allowances for content creators.
  • Strong LGBT community support and kink-friendly environment.
  • Performer and creator programs with referral benefits.

JustForFans Pros and Cons


  • Made for adult creators.
  • Higher payout percentage.
  • Weekly payouts.
  • Cryptocurrency supported.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Smaller user base than OnlyFans.

Adult Content Creation and Regulations


As the adult content industry evolves, platforms must adapt their policies and protections to align with changing legal and financial regulations. A prime example is new requirements imposed by Mastercard, effective October 2022, which mandate that all adult content creators verify the age and consent of any models appearing in their content.

To remain compliant with these new standards, sites like OnlyFans and FanCentro will need to implement more stringent protections. FanCentro has stated it will provide creators with standardized model release forms and require government-issued ID verification for all content containing additional models beyond just the primary account owner.

While more work for creators, these added measures should give fans peace of mind that the content they enjoy is legally and ethically produced. The steps will also help sites that host adult content retain the ability to process payments, which is vital to creators earning a living.

As the internet and financial industries continue maturing, we can expect more legislation impacting platforms that host adult content. Responsible sites will adapt by adding guidelines and tools to protect creators. And by taking proactive measures, they can limit potential disruptions to the livelihoods of the talented models who rely on these services.

FAQs Related to OnlyFans Alternatives

Are these OnlyFans alternatives legal to use?

Yes, platforms like JustForFans operate legally by complying with regulations around adult content and user data privacy.

Can minors access these adult creator platforms?

No, OnlyFans alternatives have age verification to restrict access to adult content per legal requirements.

What fees do these platforms charge content creators?

Commissions range from 5-20% on creator earnings. Some charge monthly fees for premium features.

Are there risks to using OnlyFans alternatives?

Yes, potential risks include non-payment, content piracy, harassment, and bans for guideline violations.

Do these platforms allow full nudity and explicit content?

Most OnlyFans alternatives allow adult content as long as it complies with their policies. Restrictions vary across platforms.

Can these sites be used for non-adult content?

While focused on adult content, many allow non-adult creative work like modeling, music, and art.

Are there marketing tools to help promote my profile?

Yes, many provide marketing guidance, affiliate programs, and internal promotion options to help gain subscribers.

How do taxes work on these creator platforms?

Users are responsible for payment of applicable federal, state, and local taxes on income earned.

Final Verdict

In reviewing top OnlyFans alternatives for adult content creators, JustForFans (JFF) stands out as a niche platform catering specifically to this community. While smaller than OnlyFans, JFF provides more creative freedom, higher payouts of 85%, and robust monetization tools to sell content. Other leading alternatives like FanCentro, Unlockd, and LoyalFans also offer competitive creator-friendly features and commission rates. However, no single platform has yet matched OnlyFans' vast audience and name recognition.

Ultimately, every creator has unique needs and aspirations. By understanding the pros, cons, and incentives of these OnlyFans alternatives, entrepreneurs can find the right fit to monetize their brand and connect with fans. The adult content landscape continues evolving. But whether opting for a niche site like JustForFans or a more mainstream option, performers now have choices to take control and leverage the power of digital platforms.

So which OnlyFans alternative will you explore next? I aimed to summarize the key pros of JustForFans while acknowledging it has limitations in scale. I contrasted it with other sites and focused the conclusion on choice and control for creators seeking the best platform fit. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this conclusion paragraph further.