Originality.ai Pricing Plans 2024: Maximizing Value for Content Creators

Originality.ai offers two main pricing plans: a Pay-as-you-go ($30 one time) and Base Subscription ($14.95 per month) plan. Both plans are created to serve the different needs and preferences of each user.

The tool offers a free trial with 50 credits where each credit can scan up to 100 words. These credits are perfect for users looking to test the capabilities of Originality.ai in detecting AI-generated content.

ChatGPT content detection feature works as a “cherry on the cake” for many Originality.ai users.


  • The pay-as-you-go plan costs $30 for 3000 credits.
  • The base Subscription plan costs $14.95/month for 2000 credits.
  • Additional credits cost as low as $0.01/credit.
  • 50 free credits with Chrome Browser extension.

Originality.ai Pricing Plans: Discover What Each Plan Offers?

Originality.ai Pricing Plans

Originality.ai offers two main pricing plans:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Base Subscription

The Pay-as-you-go model allows its users to make a one-time investment and use the tool for 2 years, whereas the Base Subscription plan is available for monthly billing.

Let's take a quick look at what Originality.ai pricing offers:

Originality.AI PlansPricingCreditsCredit Expiry
Pay-as-you-go$30 One-time30002 Year
Base Subscription$14.95 per month20001 Month

Features Included with Originality.ai Pricing Plans

Let's quickly look at the features available with each Originality.ai pricing plan:

Pay-as-you-go Plan

  • 3000 Credits: This plan offers 3000 credits where 1 credit can scan up to 100 words.
  • AI Scan: AI Scan allows users to check whether the content was generated using an AI tool or not.
  • Plagiarism Scan: This feature checks the content for any potential plagiarism issues.
  • Readability Scan: The readability scan feature offers a readability score for the contents you have created.
  • 30-Day Scan History: With the 30-day scan history feature, users can access the history of their past 30 days’ scan.
  • Shareable Reports: Users can generate shareable reports to share them with others.
  • Additional Credits: Users can purchase additional credits at $0.01 per credit. These credits expire in 2 years from the date of purchase.

Base Subscription Plan

Base Subscription Plan offers all the features of the Pay-as-you-go model (the credit limit varies) plus,

  • 2000 Credits per Month: This plan offers 2000 credits per month that resets every month on the billing date.
  • Unlimited Scan History: The base subscription plan offers its users access to unlimited scan history.
  • File Upload: You can upload files in multiple formats including docx, doc, and pdf for scanning.
  • API Access: With the API access, the Originality.ai API integrates its AI detection capabilities into other tools or workflows.
  • Full Site Scans: The base subscription plan offers a full site scan feature to let users scan the entire website for AI-generated content and plagiarism.
  • Scan from URL: This feature lets you scan content directly from the given URL.
  • Team Management: Users can add and manage team members and their access levels.
  • Tag Scans: Users can tag their scans for easy organization and retrieval.
  • Access To Future Features: Users will have access to all new features that Originality.ai launches.

Steps to Buy More Originality.ai Credits

Step 1: Visit Originality.ai and Log In


Go to the official website of Originality.ai and Log In to your account.

Step 2: Navigate the “Credits” Tab

After Successful login, click on the “Credits” tab to choose the credit plan.

Step 3: Navigate Purchase and Choose Credit Limit

Now, hit the “Purchase” button and select the number of credits you need.

Note: Each credit costs $0.01 and lets you scan 100 words of content for both AI-generated and plagiarised content.

Step 4: Add Payment Details and Complete your Purchase

Once you have chosen your credit limit, you can add card details and pay to refill your credit limit.

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Top Originality.ai Alternatives


QuillBot is an AI-driven writing tool that helps users improve their writing. It offers tools like a paraphraser, grammar checker, summarize, and plagiarism checker. It is designed to improve the clarity and tone of the text. The tool is capable of assisting in composing professional emails, documents, and social media posts.

Pricing: QuillBot offers both free and paid pricing plans. To get info on paid plans, users can contact the official QuillBot Sales Team.


Undetectable.ai is a popular AI writing tool designed to create content that bypasses AI detection platforms. It ensures that the AI-produced content appears more human-generated. This tool aims to help content creators utilize the power of AI writing while maintaining the authenticity and originality of the content. 

Pricing: Undetectable.ai offers two main pricing plans including the monthly and yearly plans with pricing starting from $9.99 per month.

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is another popular AI writing assistant capable of creating long-form, SEO-optimized blog posts and articles. It analyzes keywords, videos, podcasts, and webpages to generate high-quality content with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Pricing: Content at Scale pricing starts from $250.

FAQs on Originality.ai and Its Pricing Plans

What is Originality.AI?

Originality.AI is an AI content detection tool that accurately detects text generated using AI models like GPT-3, ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 (DaVinci-003), and more. It is also capable of plagiarism detection and provides readability scores.

How accurate is Originality.AI?

Originality.AI is very accurate in detecting AI-generated text and identifying potential plagiarism issues. It has been trained and tested on millions of records making it a reliable tool for content creators.

Does Originality.AI have a free trial or plan?

Originality.AI does not offer a free trial or plan but it offers up to 50 free credits when you install their Chrome Extension which allows you to test the platform's content detection capabilities.

Does Originality.ai offer integration with the workflow?

Yes, Originality.AI promotes a robust API that lets you integrate its AI detection capabilities with other tools or workflows making it easier to incorporate into your content creation process.

Is Originality.ai Worth Trying?

Originality.ai has proven itself to be one of the most reliable and accurate tools. It offers two main pricing plans including the Pay-as-you-go plan and the Base Subscription with pricing costs of $30 one-time and $14.95 per month.

Moreover, it offers 50 free credits for installing the Chrome Extension. Users can also purchase additional credits if they ever run out of credit limits.

As AI writing evolves, content writers need to start ahead of the curve to stay updated with the future of publishing.